Friday, March 11, 2011

A Sister, A Bestfriend

My sister Ashley and I have always been best friends since we were little girls. We would play little mermaid while running around my parents house, we did swim club together, we played volleyball on the same volleyball club team and for one year in college. I was the little sister that wouldn't leave her big sisters side and she always took me every where. She has been one of my biggest supporters and has always believed in me. This morning I logged into facebook and she had posted the poem below on my wall. I immediately started to cry because it made me so happy and because it gave me the inspiration I needed for a meet I have tomorrow. She wrote this poem herself and I think that any crossfit girl can appreciate this!

She’s a girl that loves pink and Fall colors.

She loves getting flowers from my loved ones

She loves putting on makeup and getting dressed up

She loves treating herself to a good movie or a manicure...But she is also a girl who isn’t afraid to get dirty...

She admires her black and blue bruises from burpees

She loves her callused hands from lifting the barbells

She can almost lift twice her weight

She proud of her Muscle Up Scars and wears them like a medal

She loves the feeling of her heart beat rising

She loves pushing herself to the limit

She is a girl, an Olympic Lifter, and Crossfitter

She is Lindsey Valenzuela

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